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AGP Engagement Sessions

What should I wear to my engagement session? Should we match? What location should we choose? Here are a few tips to help make the most of your session.

By Amy Galon

1. Choosing a location:

Choosing a location should be one of the first things to consider. Here in NE Ohio we have so many options. We have the city landscape, the beach, and a million beautiful parks to choose from so I know selecting the perfect location can be overwhelming. I would reccomend looking through our engagement galleries (located on our client gallery page below the wedding section) to help you visualize some of the amazing options our beautiful corner of Ohio has to offer. 

Lake Erie

Downtown Cleveland

Ohio Parks

2. Choose an outfit that fits with your location.

Now that you have chosen the perfect location, choose an outfit that is appropriate. For example, if you have chosen the Renaissance hotel as your session location, you probably do not want to wear jeans and a t-shirt. Choose an outfit that compliments the atmosphere of your location. If you have decided on a park where we may be hiking in the woods, be realistic about your clothing and footwear choices. High heels and a short dress may not be the best option. You want to be comfortable in whatever location you have decided on. 

3. Wear outfits that compliment each other, but don't match.

When coordinating with your partner on an outfit, choose colors and patterns that compliment each other. Be careful not to be too 'matchy-matchy' to avoid blending into one another. Choose colors that pop against each other to create a beautiful contrast in your photos. We also suggest being careful with patterns. Try to stay away from anything that may be too busy. If you do choose to wear a simple pattern like a stripe or polka dot, make sure your partner chooses a solid to compliment you. 


4. Choose an outfit that compliments your setting 

This is one of those tips that can make a HUGE difference in your photos and is often overlooked. Coordinating your outfit with your setting is just as important, if not more, that coordinating with your partner. You may have decided on this beautiful red dress which would pop beautifully with the greenery in the gardens on Martin Luther King Drive. However, if you had selected East 4th street or the shooters bridge in the flats, that red dress would blend right into the background brick and bridges leaving your photographs lacking in contrast and interest. 

5. How many outfit changes should I have?

Engagement sessions are such a great way to get to know your photographer and to get comfortable in front of the camera. I always recommend sticking with one outfit (two at the absolute most) so that you get to spend most of your session in front of the camera and getting to know your photographer. Stopping mid session to find a place to change or to return to the car to get your outfit really eats up a good portion of your time. The more time we have with you, the better!

6. How many locations should I choose?

As your photographer, I want to spend the most amount of time with you as possible. We do not limit locations but we highly recommend choosing one location with a variety of photo options so that we can spend the most time with you and your partner as possible. By the end of an AGP engagement session I plan on knowing everything about you, right down to your taco bell order, haha. But seriously, the more time we spend getting to know each other, the more comfortable you will feel in front of a lens and then the possibilities are endless! 

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