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Amy Galon Photography Studios is an award winning photography team located in Cleveland, Ohio. AGP is a full service boutique studio that specializes in artistically romantic photography. With a degree in Art, your wedding photography is captured through an artist's eyes combined with unparalleled service and dedication.

Claire and I often talk about what we love more, people or art though we never seem to come to a clear conclusion. One thing we are sure of is that we absolutely LOVE our job. Capturing the story entangled between two people, your personality and your romantic moments is the best part of being a photographer. That's the art. The relationship between our clients and us makes that comfort possible and natural. That is what we love. People make the best art, its beautiful and always a little bit messy.

-Amy and Claire

Meet Amy:

A Little about Me. . . I have been creative all my life and was encouraged and inspired throughout my childhood by my grandmother, Betty, to put a creative touch on everything I do. She was notorious for turning something ordinary into something all her own with a little Betty (or Grandma) twist. I went on to formally minor in Art, graduate, and create a successful handmade jewelry line that, at it's peak, was selling in over 150 shops worldwide while our online retail store soared to a top selling shop on etsy with over 10,000 pieces of handmade jewelry sold.

As children entered the picture, keeping up with a thriving business was taking away from family life so I gave it up in pursuit of another dream-- being mommy. Of course, being mommy did not require me to leave my creativity behind and among dinosaur projects and fort building, my photography of people began to take shape. I had an expansive knowledge of photography and design programs so it seemed natural to turn my focus from jewelry to people. I had switched my subjects but my love of color and emotion still applied.

I never really set out to become a professional photographer but as I began to take photos of my children and family, others began inquiring about capturing memories of their own. And so it began. . . Creating memories that would otherwise be lost in time and capturing emotion in color, on film, for you to enjoy for a lifetime. I love people and I love capturing the unique parts of a personality with a little fun and a little flair--meeting and capturing "you" is the best part of every shoot.

xoxo, Amy

Meet Claire

I love the view through my camera lens. I love the endless number of creative possibilities, the ability to capture those un-staged candid moments from a far, and I love being able to express the individuality of my subject with every photograph that I take. It is my mission to provide you with a photographic experience that includes a relaxed, professional atmosphere combined with the highest level of creativity and technical skill. I look forward to combining our visions!

XO, Claire

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